Wednesday, February 9, 2011

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What is the height of Compassion?

We often wonder how compassionate can one be in today's so called Selflish world, where every body seems to be chasing their dreams and ambitions without a thought for anyone around or the society? To what length can one go in the practice of compassion? How practical is being compassionate and forgiving? Well today when I heard this lady's experience I found that there is no limit to compassion. Please do watch and share this video with the world, I would not be surprised if the world finds an answer to all their problems in this video.

Warm Regards
The Art of Living TV Team

Do Lions Cry? - Sri Sri Speaks - Audio

A nice 35 minute relaxing audio recorded recently in the German Ashram. Sri Sri answers a wide range of questions ranging from homosexuality, handling fear of flying and death to whether Lions cry :).

A little disturbance towards the end, but overall great to sit back relax and hear. :)

Watch ( listen :) ) , comment, subscribe n share. :).

Saurabh Chopra
The Art of Living TV Team
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