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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar - Clare Agius Malta - Interview Dec 09 ..PART 4/4

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar - Clare Agius Malta - Interview Dec 09 ..PART 4

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Clare: It doesn't matter where it originates from as long as it is good to the human society.

Guruji: Correct, correct. We need to understand a little bit about all the religions of the world. That will make you strong, wise, broad minded and a loving person. Because when you read Bible, what Jesus said many things

were also said by Lord Krishna. There are many similarities with Lord Buddha's teachings as well. So one is to celebrate the diversities. Though every religon, every prophet and every pholosopher has contributed

something unique to the world. And the diversity needs to be celebrated and not taken as a source of conflict. Unfortunately today the conflict is because we cant tolerate diversity. That should be put to an end.

Clare: So spirituality surpasses religion.

Guruji: Correct.

Clare: How can I practise my religion and be spiritual at the same time?

Guruji: As I said to be a nice and good human being, to be compassionate, to be caring, to widen the scope of knowledge we need to have an experience. This is spirituality. Spirituality is having the inner stillness and

unconditional compassion and joy. This does not contradict our religion. It in fact supports your religion. You should follow your religion and enrich your religion by following spiritual practices because that brings more

energy in the system.

Clare: On another thing about Malta. Malta is an island. From ancient thimes it had a lot of feminine energy. It had goddess and even this devotion is today is transformed into our love for Virgin Mary. What would this

symbol of feminism this island represents mean to you?

Guruji: You know, from millions of years the civilisation had great respect for women, the goddess power. If you visit all the ancient cinilisations in the world everywhere there is a great respect for goddess. Earth herself is

considered as feminine energy. In the Hindu mythology, in the Hindu tradition, Earth is called the "Bhoodevi". The mother Earth is the host of all the species. She holds all of them in her lap. So feminine energy has found

great acceptance, respect in all the culture and civilisations. And it doesn't surprise me that feminine energy is worshipped as Mother Mary. It is quite natural that makes people more beautiful.

Clare: What would you say the feminine role in this world, the female role in this world be in today's age?

Guruji: I think the women should take more active role in all the fields. They should never feel that they are being suppressed. I  know in many countries they don't enjoy equal status. We have been holding International

women's conferences every 2 years and women from all over the world come and participate in that and they share. I have created a forum for that. In fact I shouldn't sasy that I have created. They have created for

themselves. Of course I have encouraged them to do so. And the rural women and the urban women come together. They discuss their problems and see how they can move forward in their life. I feel that more and more

work must be done to empower women.

Clare: What do you say that women can contribute that perhaps male cannot in a society, in a family or perhaps in the world?

Guruji:Well, don't put me into trouble. (laughs) It is not man versus woman. Woman has a un ique place in the world which man cannot replace obviously. And man has certain unique responsibility which woman cant replace

either. So everybody is unique in their own way, in their own contribution. And in India we say that a man and a woman are the two sides of the body. Woman is considered the left and the man the right of a human

physiology. Because every human being is made of both mother and father, both man and woman. So now what is that woman can do in this world? She should take more prominent role in business, in politics also in

spirituality, social entrepreneurships. All these roles are waiting and inviting women to come and join.

Clare: What wil the families nuclear suffer if the women....

Guruji: This we will have to manage. They have to see that the family structure is not disturbed where she is being a part of the bigger family of a nation or society. Taking leadership doesn't mean you have to sacrifice one.

They can do both. They can manage.

Clare: That's a lof of responsibility on the women. I understand. One of the few final questions. One of which I always wanted to ask...can any one be wise? how is wisdom acquired?

Guruji: Wisdom comes to you through experience and integration of knowledge with life and by experience. The third option only I think is the gift of God. It just comes to you as a gift of God. You haven't done anything for


Clare: But you have to be open to it.

Guruji: Correct.

Clare: And one final question. We are starting the year 2010 and this is another fresh year for everybody and the whole world seems to be looking forward to it becoming a better place. What message would you have and

what role will you be executing this year?

Guruji: I wish everyone a very happy new year 2010. I know 2009 had been a financial roller coaster over the world, swine flu and other problems were there in the world. This year lets hope would bring more prosperity,

less conflict or no colflict. I would love to bring people together, the hearts and minds together to protect the environment. I wish all the people of Malta and all the world a very very happy new year. May God Bless.

Transcribed By Lakshmi Ravishankar

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar - Clare Agius Malta - Interview Dec 09 ..PART 3/4

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar - Clare Agius Malta - Interview Dec 09 ..PART 3

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Clare: People like to relate to others depending on where they are coming from and what were the similar things rather than the differernces between one culture and the other. What was your chilhood like?

Guruji: You know, my childhood never ended. It is still continuing. Today Iam a child who refuses to grow up. I think we all have the child likeness within each one of us. Somehow it all gets covered up with our conditioning. I saw to it that I dont get conditioned by anything else and perhaps that is the education and support I got from my parents and teachers and the general spiritual atmosphere I grew up. So my childhood days most of the time I spent with all the wise people, elderly people and now that Iam getting o0lder Iam spending time with the children. I would like everyone to be a child again. To me child is the teacher because the child teaches how to be in the present moment, how to accept people and things. If you observe a baby anywhere in the world from the time it is born to the age of three, it will do all Yoga postures. Every posture of Yoga the child does, the way the child sleeps with all the mudras. Perhaps the founders of Yoga must have observed the child and also all the species of the world and how they integrated one's body, nind and spirit into exercises, processes which would uplift you, make you feel light from within  and loving and caring everyone. I think this switch we need to make today in the world otherwise there is no hope for the world. Today when there is so much of greed, so much of terrorism, fear and uncertainity, broken families, domestic and societal violence, we have to come back to human values. We have to come back to spiritual values where we honour each other and where we create a sense of belongingness for each other and make the work as one family. I often say technology has shrunk the world into a global village. It is spirituality that connects it as a family.

Clare: That's true. People who are listening Iam sure are saying it is true we may practice but we still have to go to work, we still have to take the children everywhere, pay the bills. So how is the integration of practise in our life, real practical life go to make it different?

Guruji: See, this is the difference between Art Of Living and other spiritual practices and exercises because you can do some practices, exercises, meditation in your room and then when you come out you are the same person as you were before. It doesn't integrate with your work place. But here what I say is you have to take responsibilty at your work and how much enthusiastic, energetic and creative you are in your day to day life depends on how clear and compassionate you are deep within yourself. So they are complimentary, very much complimentary. The more responsibility we have the more pressure we have, the more we need to take time to do this exercise and thats the main thing about Art Of Living. It is not like running away from responsibility. It is to gain abilities to fulfill your responsibilities much better.

Clare: What is that you tell people who ask you but how can I be calm and not angry when I was educated like this? Educated to fight back. I know you have travelled the world, spoken with many people who are suffering. How can we sent the message to the people who dont know otherwise?

Guruji: But they need to know how to manage their mind, how to manage their emotions. Once you know how to manage your own mind, your own emotions, then you simply dont react but act consciously. You act with awareness. You act after thinking about it. Not just act and then think later. That's one of the major benefits. Second thing is it improves your immune system. It boosts your immune system. You see 90% of the impurities in our body goes out through our breath and we have not learnt anything about our breath. So these few hours of lessons in breathing and in exercising and in meditation brings such a transformation in life. And you will see and you have seen in yourself nobody can easily upset you. You are able to smile through the day, you are being able to be energetic ev en in the late evenings and at the end of the night. That energy increaces many times.

Clare: Something that you reminded me of when you were talking about children is something that Jesus said " to enter the Kingdom of my Father you have to be like a child." So may with this relation to Jesus, what, how does Jesus symbolise in your life? What does He mean to you?

Guruji: You know as a child in India we used to celebrate all the festivals of other religions though we are Hindus. We didn't consider it as another religion because we used to keep Jesus picturre in our home, we used to go to Church on the Christmas day to greet the Father there. So there was very good harmonious inter faith culture that we all grew up with. In Mahatma Gandhi's satsan everyday, Mahatma Gandhi's prayer meetings he used to recite prayers from all the religions. Lord Krishna in the Upanishads has said what we need to is to bring into our educational system is our global wisdom. Otherwise when the child grows up thinking my religion is the best in the world is is the only way for salvation they don't connect with other people. That leads to terrorism. As long as even a small pocket of world is left with this ignorance that only my religion is the best everything else is bad they are going to create problems for the world. Thats what is happening in Afganistan. Because they are not embracing the wisdon of the world. Because it is part of the whole world. Any wisdom anywhere in the world belongs to you.

Transcribed By Lakshmi Ravishankar

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar - Clare Agius Malta - Interview Dec 09 Part 2/4

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar - Clare Agius Malta - Interview Dec 09 Part 2/4

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Clare: If all sounds so nice, simple and beautiful, but Iam sure you found people who are not ready to be reached and to in dialogue with and who are not yet ready to believe. How do you deal with people who are in that situation?

Guruji: There used to be a lot of prejudice before when I started it 29 years ago. But now with the flow of knowledge, with the flow of information they are more open now. They are not that prejudiced as they were before. Before there used to be racial prejudice, religious prejudice, even people of other religions were not that welcome, that type of prejudice was there, but now I feel that world is moving on a different note, that there is more harmony, more inter faith dialogues are happening, inter cultural events are happening, people are coming closer to each other to, understand better. Thats why I say that we need to realise this ancient idea of one family, one human family. So we drop the prejudice and we drop narrow mindedness and see the world from a wide angle lens.

Clare: One of the old technique is called the Sudarshan Kriya, perhaps to the people who have no idea about it how can you explain it to them?

Guruji: You know it is very difficult to explain. It is like the sweetness of the pudding is in tasting it. But I can make an attempt to give a synopsis of what it is. YOu know we have rhythms in the naturre, seasons flowing in a rhythm and then there is a rhythm in the body, particular time when you do want to sleep, when you are hungry and when you are thirsty. There is a rhythm in the body, the bio rhythm, like that there is rhythm in tyhe nature there is a shythm in the breath too which we have never noticed and then we have a rhythm in the thought process and then there is a rhythm in our emotions and then there is a rhythm in our inner being, soul. Sudarshan Kriya brings a harmony between all these rhythms. It is a rhythmic breathing which brings the mind to a very blissful state deep within and twice if you do it you can do it on your own. In the beginnig you need a teacher, instructions to guide you through it. But afterwards at any time, any where you can do it , sit relaxed, twenty minutes you do it, ten minutes of Sudarshan Kriya and ten minutes of pranayam.

Clare: And who are the people who have benefitted from it across the world, you are in many countries, so many people are practicing it.

Guruji: Millions of people are benefitted out of it. In prisons you know, 300,000 prisoners all over the world have been benefitted by this. Where ever there is stress, where ever there is tension, health problems and when people do it they feel so good. Neither at home nor at school anybody teaches us how to manage our negative emotions, if you are feeling depressed, upset, unhappy or angry people simply tell you dont get angry, dont get upset but they dont tell you how not to. If it is a feeling, it is a reality. You are upset and you are jealous and you are greedy and you do not know how to get it out of your system. Thats where the Sudarshan Kriya is so beneficial. And if you learn it and do it in 5 minutes you are out of those negative feelings.

Clare: And so you practice breathing technique when you have these feelings?

Guruji: When you have rage, anger and in 5 minutes you do the Kriya and you are back to normal.

Clare: In fact I wanted to ask you this, whenever I have seen you, you seem to be always happy, smiling, you hyave the right words to say to people. Is it difficult to maintain this state always?

Guruji: No, No, because I dont make an effort. Otherwise I would be terribly tensed. I just remain in my element, in my nature and perhaps that is why Iam relaxed all the time. I dont make any effort to impress anybody or any effort to show or say which Iam not. So Iam like an open book. Iam the way Iam. Thats it.

Transcribed By Lakshmi Ravishankar

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar - Clare Agius Malta - Interview Dec 09 Part 1/4

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar - Clare Agius Malta - Interview Dec 09 Part 1

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Malta TV Presenter and Producer Clare Agius interviewed H.H. Sri Sri Ravi shankar in an exclusive programme filmed in Germany in the European Centre of the Art of Living.

The program starts with the chanting of Om Namah Shivaya.

Clare Agius starts the interview by thanking Guruji for his time despite the very busy schedule for which she is very grateful to him and is very appreciative.

Clare: I would like to start the interview by asking a few questions which I prepared with the people of Malta and my first question would be to introduce Art of Living. Would you kindly tell me how you were inspired to set up Art of Living and take it to the world?

Guruji: Whe I came up with the course in 1981 thought it very useful as it brings joy and smile in every one's life, relieves stress, unites family, the society and community. Hatred disappears from life and want it to go to every corner of the planet.

Clare: Now you are in Malta as well!

Guruji: Yes

Clare: Malta is a very Catholic country and people are very devoted. How can you integrate what you teach into our belief system?

Guruji: You deserve basic way to relief your stress. And it does not interfere in one's faith or religion. Like Yoga or Meditation they boost one's immune system, brings certain softness in mind and heart and helps one to pray deeply in whatever faith or religion they are following. It is in fact complimentary to the faith one is following rather than contradictory.

Clare: If I had to ask you who were the people that inspired you in your life and how you became a spiritual leader?

Guruji: In fact when I was a young boy my teacher was one who studied with Mahatma Gandhi. He used to tell us stories and how he was teaching Gandhi the Bhagawat Geetha and all the incidents that took place at that time. In fact my mother is also my very great source of inspiration and in India we all grow up with stories of saints and heroes.

Clare: How does one become a spiritual leader?

Guruji: It is the society which makes the leader and not the leader himself. I kept sharing with people what I know and talking what I know and then people get inspired and start teaching others. So it is a chain reaction that goes on.

Clare: But what you know is so simple and yet deep it is knowledge, it belongs to everyone, but how did it come to you?

Guruji: If I ask you a poet how did a poem come to you, what do they say? So they just sat with a pen and it started flowing out of it. In the same way it started flowing, the whole knowledge, started happening. I took a 10 day of silence and later on started teaching Some of the practices of course are there from 5000 years. Ancient tradition where there it kept it very secret to themselves. In India generally people do not give very high knowledge to everybody. They say only a worthy person will come and teach. I said this is not correct because this is is very precious and valuable knowledge. It will of use to the whole humanity. You cant hold it to just yourself, your community, your people. Anything is useful to the whole humanity should be thrown to the whole world and that step of course I tool it. Initially some people were not so happy about it but now everybody appreciates it.

Clare: Did your message change from first what you had started to now through the years depending on what people wanted to hear at tht time?

Guruji: No, the message is the same. The presentations are a little dinnerent from place to place, culture and communities, educational standards of people. That is different of course for business poeple it is presented differently with business jargons. And for student community with more games. But the principles are the same, to see a violence and stress free society and to have a healthy body mind complex.

Transcribed By Lakshmi Ravishankar

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English Transcripts of "Satsang With Sri Sri in Mumbai, Covered By Star News"

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The founder of Art of Living Sri Sri Ravishankar graced a devotional music programme (satsang) yesterday in Mumbai for select devotees.
This was organized by Venu Gopal Dhoot, Chairman of the Videocon group. Renowned personalities like Vinod Khanna and Jagjit Singh participated in it.
Now we have Swami Sri Sri Ravishankar who has specially come to Mumbai to bless his devotees and disciples.  Let us have a talk with him.
Reporter-"Swamiji please tell us, what is the relationship between a devotee and a Guru?"
Sri Sri- ‘Like that between a mother and her children, that much amount of love and concern is there’.
Reporter-“Swamiji, in today’s lifestyle people do not have time to worship God. In such a situation what would you suggest to people so that they can reduce their mental tension?”
Sri Sri-“Saying that I don’t have time is only an excuse, time has to be taken out. If you manage to take out time you will be able to get more time.”
Reporter-“How does life differ for a common person and a celebrity or a star? What type of problems do they face on different levels?
Sri Sri-“Only the problems may differ, types may differ but the person is the same whether he is a celebrity or a farmer or a common person.
Deep inside  the  person is same.
When the inner power awakens - if naturalness, simplicity, belongingness - the quality of accepting all people dawns in life then there is a big transformation in life.”
Reporter- We want to understand that people today have huge amount of money, and also lot of resources for reaching out to God, but then how true are these resources, how much peace of mind can be gained through it?
What would you like to say?
Sri Sri- “Peace and satisfaction cannot be bought by money.
Human qualities are to be increased. Service, Spiritual Practices and Satsang (group devotional singing) - these three give happiness and satisfaction.”
Reporter –“what is your message for the people for happiness and peace in their life?”
Sri Sri-“Make service a part of your life, and from time to time do spiritual practice, pranayaam, meditation and have faith in life.”
Reporter-Swami Sri Sri Ravishankar is present here and his thoughts are very great, due to his presence the whole surrounding has become very pure.
-Baya Agarwal, Star News Mumbai

Reporter – Come let us see What does the owner of Videocon group, Mr.V.N.Dhoot has to say about this concert.
V.N.Dhoot- I had attended a very nice 3 day program of Guruji in Mumbai.
after that I requested him to come to my house for a satsang as some of our people could not attend that satsang with Guruji. Here we are doing satsang with guruji now.
I am a very big devotee of Guruji Sri Sri Ravishankar ji from the very beginning. Guruji’s blessing is always with the Videocon Group. I requested Guruji to come at Videocon house and meet our friends and family member. More than 300-400 people are here. Doing satsang with them, my friends and people from my house should also get the benefit of this satsang. There is a big need of Guruji's satsang in the country.

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Jeevan Ram Rajwade Transcript

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My name is Jeevan Ram Rajwade, from village Purna, Sarbhuja, Chhatisgarh. I did the (Art of Living) Basic course through my wife’s motivation. After doing the course I benefitted on Physical, Mental and Spiritual Level. After doing the course I felt that I also should inspire others to take this course. And after doing this course I immediately prepared fifty people in a village to take this course. We prepared and organized the Basic Part-1 course which started on 10th November. After that, as soon as that course got completed, we started to organize another course for 1500 people in Sarbhuja. In that 1500 people course I managed to get 340 forms filled through a single person. Furthermore in this increasing trend in the village… we are seeing this increasing trend because today in the village many have become susceptible to magic and sorcery of charlatans and to those who offer sacrifice to the devil. After getting knowledge of the Sudarshan Kriya people are getting liberated from their clutches. I got a patient who was suffering from epilepsy. And now in that mega course, that girl who was suffering from epilepsy, after doing that course after doing Sudarshan Kriya got relief from her epilepsy and today is very nicely relaxed.

Translated By Tanuj Narain

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English Transcript for YLTP Teacher Vilas Dhoke's Experience

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Jai Guru Dev
I am native from Akola, My name is Vilas Dhoke. I had a YLTP course in 2008 at a temlpe(Godess Annapuna temple) in a village near Akola. There is a nice story happen in that course. There is a lady in that village for which we were went her home two three times but her health was not good. When we told her to come in to YLTP her family member told that tomorrow will be the operation of her eyes in hospital. So we left to Akola because 13th was the reporting day. When that lady went to hospital , the doctor who held the operation was absent, so she decided to come in YLTP . After first day of sudarshan kriya that lady had some pain in her eyes but next day when she did second sudarshan kriya, something from her eyes came out and she went into sleep. After seven days when she went to hospital again for the operation. The Doctor said that"your eyes is normal. There is no need for the operation now. How did this miracle happen!!!!" She replied that this is the magic of sudarhan kriya. I have been suffering this pain from last 6 months and now its allright. Now 6 months has passed and that lady is alright and there is no operation requied till now. Her family had to spend 1.5lacs Rupees in the hospital which was saved and inturn saved her family from a financial crisis. This is all due to the blessings of Guruji.
Jai Guru Dev

Translated By Girijesh Kumar

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An Up Close & Personal Video of Guruji Playing The Piano

Close Shots Of Guruji Playing The Piano. Rare Video. Must Watch.

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The Art of Living TV Team

Transcript of Vijay Watkar Interview In English

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Jai gurudev !!
I am Vijay Watkar.
I am from district Akola, Malkapur.
Since 2004 i am working as a Yuvacharya.
Till now i have taken Navchetna Shibir(course) in many villages.
Out of these one of my experience is from a Village called WAI.
Wai comes in Taluka Acrot.
Over there is a man called Purshottam. Purshottam Kharade.
This experience is of his wife.
She had a severe back pain.
She even could not sit on floor and her expenses for operation was estimatted 50000.
When this lady came to my Navchetna Shibir she sat on chair for first day.
Second day again she sat on the chair.
But third day I asked her to Sit on floor,
But she replied "I cant sit on floor.
Even my all house work is done by my children and husband and you are asking me to sit down!. I cant sit on the floor". But still i insistead her to sit on the floor,and told her," you can sit, you sit on the floor".that boosted her confidence and slowly slowly she sat down. she is wife of Mr.Kharade of WAI and today her 50000Rs the expese of her operation is been saved. And today she is looking nicely after her household routine.

Another experince of mine is from a Navchetna Shibir in Omra, in Omra Village there is Mahulker family.
Mr.Mahulkar used to drink alot. When he came to the Shibir(course) on the first day he was drunk and he told me, "Your Art of Living cures the addictions of people,Even my habbit of drinking should go".
I replied," Why not! if Guruji wants it will be done, your addiction will go".
Even on second day he drank and came for Shibir.
And when he came on the third day just before i started the Shibir. He went to an alcohol shop and asked for a drink and as soon as he took the glass in his hand he could see this big worms in the glass.
He threw the glass over there only and came back to the course.
Its the experience of Mr.Maholker of Omer.
Also in near our village promotion of organic farming is going on apart from this we are also taking tree plantation projects in many small villages.

Jai gurudev!!!

Translated By Pranay Gangwal

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Transcript of Jayesh N Patel Interview In English

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My name is Jayesh M Patel.
From Navsari District,Wamdha Village.
In 2001 i had done my YLTP phase -1.
When in Surat the course was going on, on the sixth day a huge earthquake took place.
We had heard about earthquakes before but never felt it,  we didnt know what its actually.
The first time when tremors shook us, we were very scared we felt like we should leave the course,
the YLTPand rush back to our homes, But our teacher Girish BHAi had told us that SEVA, SADHNA and SATSANG our only way to enlighten yourself. That made us stay there and on next day we were sent Bhujwal were tremors were still shakinga the land. Everyone in Bhuj were very scared as tremors over there were highest. Many people died and others were horrified, so over there in village we took Navchetna Shibir,
we did Satsangs, Everyone who forgot how to laugh were laughing in Navchetna Shibir like durring Bhastrika Pranayam and started taking complete enjoyment and involvement in Satsang.
With me Bhavesh Bhai was there, with him in 18 days we took 54 courses in which more than 2000 participants were there. And in personal i took 16 Shibir's. Altogether throughout bhuj i took around 70 courses and more than 2500 participants were there. And we did more than 20 Satsangs, this all happened in 2001after that we went to villages, but in starting people hmm people didnt use to support us but later the participation increased so tremendously that in Wamda District i have taken more than 52 Shibir's and more than 100 satsang in which more than 2000 people joined our family actually in villages everyone believes in some religion, every one of diffrent different cast, they used to believe that art of living is also some religion,
but we made people understand that its not about a particular religion, In it being in SEVA, SADHNA and SATSANG you take the pleasure of your life, then people really  cooperated very nicely and in a very nice manner the Shibirs took place in that village. In that village a temple was to be construted for that in 2008 we organised a SHIV KATHA, and in Raniparya Village there is new temple constructed, temple of MARI MATA,and the donation from SHIVKATHA, the money which we got from it we constructed this MARI MATA temple. And now in 2010, in Bimangaon from feb 05 to february 12 we have organised SHIV KATHA, and the money and donation which we will receive from it, will be utilised for constuction of this temple. In november Swami Shri Chetnaya ji came to Rameshwar, over there also a huge arrangments was made,  more than 1000 people who came got privellaged by Dhyan Satsang and Gyan wani.
And along with Sanjay Bhai, who is from Waghda we have made more than 34 wihris (wells), around 25 toilets, 14 Gobar gas plants and we took more than 14 group marriages.
Also in Wabdha at dhavtari trust we have done more than 60 cataract operations.
And we all have pledged that we will live in this world but with SATSANG SEVA and SADHNA
we will  make our lives DHANYA (Blessed).
But in our village, Our state, and our whole nation we will spread message of SATSANG SEVA and SADHNA and we will accomplish the mission of Guruji.

Jai Gurudev!!!

Translated By Pranay Gangwal

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Transcript of the Ravi Meher Interview in English

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Im Ravi Meher recently elected mayor from Sakriya Nagar, Bilaspur, Chhatisgarh in MP.
I was told of this YLTP programme and that it makes one tough, I thought at that time when so many good & well statured people are doing this course,why shouldn't I who am a very small insignifcant person also do this. I had always been very spiritual and was expecting that this course would also consists of only meditation & sadhana(Spiritual Practices), but we were being taught about how to be a good leader, what should be the qualities of a leader, i.e. he should be like an good servant of the society. Along with thinking about one's own self he/she should also think about the society, about the people. Get ahead in one's life and help others get ahead in theirs. There is a saying in Chhatisgarh that First Tie The Harvest in Your Own Field Then Tie Harvest for Others. I was unable to understand that how could I help other people, but I was also told by my teacher Arjit Bhaiya, that if we have regular Sadhana(spiritual practices) in our life then we would definitely progress. We were given a target of 3 months, that we should do the sadhana regularly for 3 months and we'll see a positive change in our life. In reality I did these practices regularly and in just one month I could see a significant change in my situation. In just one month the attitude of my friends, family and relatives towards me changed so drastically that I myself couldn't understand that what was happening to me. My economic situation started improving, my father every year used to get sick, but in my house just by my doing Sadhana(spiritual practices) ....
others seeing me my mother & father have also done the basic course..
My brother did the YLTP course, one brother is an editor, 2nd brother is in the police, I myself who used to polish shoes on the roadside after getting associated with the Art of Living when Spiritual practices entered my life, I completed my BA then I did my LLB(Law).
I then felt that there has been a huge change in me and Guruji has fulfilled all my desires and now I must do something for the society. I just had one thought in my mind that I should do something for the society, and as soon as this thought came there were election to be held in the Nagar Panchayat(5 member governing body of the town).
There was a meeting of the locals in which was selecting the people with good thoughts and intentions who could do something for the society, amongst 20 other people my name also came up.... " That Ravi Meher can do something good for the society". And Bharatiya Janta Party which is a very big national party of this country, gave me a ticket to represent them and contest elections from my constituency.
With the help of Guruji's Grace and With the help of my fellow Youth Leaders Brothers today Im the Mayor of Sakriya Nagar Panchayat. I today sincerely thank Guruji and Art of Living who picked up a Road Side Hawker and Turned Him Into a King, Polished him(me) like a diamond I would like to tell the youth only one thing that if you get attached to a spiritual practice and attached to a Sadguru, you will definitely become a Real Star, like me who used to polish shoes on  the roadside have become the most influential man- the mayor in the very same city. I would request you all to join the art of living and with Guruji's Grace bring about a progress(change) in yourself, bring about a progress(change) in your family, progress(change) in your village(town/city), progress(change) in your state, bring about progress in the whole country
and in the whole world spread Guruji's message of "One World One Family".


Ravi Meher: From Polishing Shoes on Roadsides To Becoming the City Mayor

Check out Ravi Meher's Journey in Art of Living. Ravi Meher who used to polish shoes on the roadside went on to become the city mayor after going through the YLTP Course. A great great experience and an equally great lesson in what Responsibility and in turn an Art of Living Experience can do to a person.

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