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Transcript of Jayesh N Patel Interview In English

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My name is Jayesh M Patel.
From Navsari District,Wamdha Village.
In 2001 i had done my YLTP phase -1.
When in Surat the course was going on, on the sixth day a huge earthquake took place.
We had heard about earthquakes before but never felt it,  we didnt know what its actually.
The first time when tremors shook us, we were very scared we felt like we should leave the course,
the YLTPand rush back to our homes, But our teacher Girish BHAi had told us that SEVA, SADHNA and SATSANG our only way to enlighten yourself. That made us stay there and on next day we were sent Bhujwal were tremors were still shakinga the land. Everyone in Bhuj were very scared as tremors over there were highest. Many people died and others were horrified, so over there in village we took Navchetna Shibir,
we did Satsangs, Everyone who forgot how to laugh were laughing in Navchetna Shibir like durring Bhastrika Pranayam and started taking complete enjoyment and involvement in Satsang.
With me Bhavesh Bhai was there, with him in 18 days we took 54 courses in which more than 2000 participants were there. And in personal i took 16 Shibir's. Altogether throughout bhuj i took around 70 courses and more than 2500 participants were there. And we did more than 20 Satsangs, this all happened in 2001after that we went to villages, but in starting people hmm people didnt use to support us but later the participation increased so tremendously that in Wamda District i have taken more than 52 Shibir's and more than 100 satsang in which more than 2000 people joined our family actually in villages everyone believes in some religion, every one of diffrent different cast, they used to believe that art of living is also some religion,
but we made people understand that its not about a particular religion, In it being in SEVA, SADHNA and SATSANG you take the pleasure of your life, then people really  cooperated very nicely and in a very nice manner the Shibirs took place in that village. In that village a temple was to be construted for that in 2008 we organised a SHIV KATHA, and in Raniparya Village there is new temple constructed, temple of MARI MATA,and the donation from SHIVKATHA, the money which we got from it we constructed this MARI MATA temple. And now in 2010, in Bimangaon from feb 05 to february 12 we have organised SHIV KATHA, and the money and donation which we will receive from it, will be utilised for constuction of this temple. In november Swami Shri Chetnaya ji came to Rameshwar, over there also a huge arrangments was made,  more than 1000 people who came got privellaged by Dhyan Satsang and Gyan wani.
And along with Sanjay Bhai, who is from Waghda we have made more than 34 wihris (wells), around 25 toilets, 14 Gobar gas plants and we took more than 14 group marriages.
Also in Wabdha at dhavtari trust we have done more than 60 cataract operations.
And we all have pledged that we will live in this world but with SATSANG SEVA and SADHNA
we will  make our lives DHANYA (Blessed).
But in our village, Our state, and our whole nation we will spread message of SATSANG SEVA and SADHNA and we will accomplish the mission of Guruji.

Jai Gurudev!!!

Translated By Pranay Gangwal

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