Friday, January 29, 2010

English Transcripts of "Satsang With Sri Sri in Mumbai, Covered By Star News"

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The founder of Art of Living Sri Sri Ravishankar graced a devotional music programme (satsang) yesterday in Mumbai for select devotees.
This was organized by Venu Gopal Dhoot, Chairman of the Videocon group. Renowned personalities like Vinod Khanna and Jagjit Singh participated in it.
Now we have Swami Sri Sri Ravishankar who has specially come to Mumbai to bless his devotees and disciples.  Let us have a talk with him.
Reporter-"Swamiji please tell us, what is the relationship between a devotee and a Guru?"
Sri Sri- ‘Like that between a mother and her children, that much amount of love and concern is there’.
Reporter-“Swamiji, in today’s lifestyle people do not have time to worship God. In such a situation what would you suggest to people so that they can reduce their mental tension?”
Sri Sri-“Saying that I don’t have time is only an excuse, time has to be taken out. If you manage to take out time you will be able to get more time.”
Reporter-“How does life differ for a common person and a celebrity or a star? What type of problems do they face on different levels?
Sri Sri-“Only the problems may differ, types may differ but the person is the same whether he is a celebrity or a farmer or a common person.
Deep inside  the  person is same.
When the inner power awakens - if naturalness, simplicity, belongingness - the quality of accepting all people dawns in life then there is a big transformation in life.”
Reporter- We want to understand that people today have huge amount of money, and also lot of resources for reaching out to God, but then how true are these resources, how much peace of mind can be gained through it?
What would you like to say?
Sri Sri- “Peace and satisfaction cannot be bought by money.
Human qualities are to be increased. Service, Spiritual Practices and Satsang (group devotional singing) - these three give happiness and satisfaction.”
Reporter –“what is your message for the people for happiness and peace in their life?”
Sri Sri-“Make service a part of your life, and from time to time do spiritual practice, pranayaam, meditation and have faith in life.”
Reporter-Swami Sri Sri Ravishankar is present here and his thoughts are very great, due to his presence the whole surrounding has become very pure.
-Baya Agarwal, Star News Mumbai

Reporter – Come let us see What does the owner of Videocon group, Mr.V.N.Dhoot has to say about this concert.
V.N.Dhoot- I had attended a very nice 3 day program of Guruji in Mumbai.
after that I requested him to come to my house for a satsang as some of our people could not attend that satsang with Guruji. Here we are doing satsang with guruji now.
I am a very big devotee of Guruji Sri Sri Ravishankar ji from the very beginning. Guruji’s blessing is always with the Videocon Group. I requested Guruji to come at Videocon house and meet our friends and family member. More than 300-400 people are here. Doing satsang with them, my friends and people from my house should also get the benefit of this satsang. There is a big need of Guruji's satsang in the country.

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