Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jeevan Ram Rajwade Transcript

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My name is Jeevan Ram Rajwade, from village Purna, Sarbhuja, Chhatisgarh. I did the (Art of Living) Basic course through my wife’s motivation. After doing the course I benefitted on Physical, Mental and Spiritual Level. After doing the course I felt that I also should inspire others to take this course. And after doing this course I immediately prepared fifty people in a village to take this course. We prepared and organized the Basic Part-1 course which started on 10th November. After that, as soon as that course got completed, we started to organize another course for 1500 people in Sarbhuja. In that 1500 people course I managed to get 340 forms filled through a single person. Furthermore in this increasing trend in the village… we are seeing this increasing trend because today in the village many have become susceptible to magic and sorcery of charlatans and to those who offer sacrifice to the devil. After getting knowledge of the Sudarshan Kriya people are getting liberated from their clutches. I got a patient who was suffering from epilepsy. And now in that mega course, that girl who was suffering from epilepsy, after doing that course after doing Sudarshan Kriya got relief from her epilepsy and today is very nicely relaxed.

Translated By Tanuj Narain

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