Friday, January 22, 2010

Transcript of the Ravi Meher Interview in English

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Im Ravi Meher recently elected mayor from Sakriya Nagar, Bilaspur, Chhatisgarh in MP.
I was told of this YLTP programme and that it makes one tough, I thought at that time when so many good & well statured people are doing this course,why shouldn't I who am a very small insignifcant person also do this. I had always been very spiritual and was expecting that this course would also consists of only meditation & sadhana(Spiritual Practices), but we were being taught about how to be a good leader, what should be the qualities of a leader, i.e. he should be like an good servant of the society. Along with thinking about one's own self he/she should also think about the society, about the people. Get ahead in one's life and help others get ahead in theirs. There is a saying in Chhatisgarh that First Tie The Harvest in Your Own Field Then Tie Harvest for Others. I was unable to understand that how could I help other people, but I was also told by my teacher Arjit Bhaiya, that if we have regular Sadhana(spiritual practices) in our life then we would definitely progress. We were given a target of 3 months, that we should do the sadhana regularly for 3 months and we'll see a positive change in our life. In reality I did these practices regularly and in just one month I could see a significant change in my situation. In just one month the attitude of my friends, family and relatives towards me changed so drastically that I myself couldn't understand that what was happening to me. My economic situation started improving, my father every year used to get sick, but in my house just by my doing Sadhana(spiritual practices) ....
others seeing me my mother & father have also done the basic course..
My brother did the YLTP course, one brother is an editor, 2nd brother is in the police, I myself who used to polish shoes on the roadside after getting associated with the Art of Living when Spiritual practices entered my life, I completed my BA then I did my LLB(Law).
I then felt that there has been a huge change in me and Guruji has fulfilled all my desires and now I must do something for the society. I just had one thought in my mind that I should do something for the society, and as soon as this thought came there were election to be held in the Nagar Panchayat(5 member governing body of the town).
There was a meeting of the locals in which was selecting the people with good thoughts and intentions who could do something for the society, amongst 20 other people my name also came up.... " That Ravi Meher can do something good for the society". And Bharatiya Janta Party which is a very big national party of this country, gave me a ticket to represent them and contest elections from my constituency.
With the help of Guruji's Grace and With the help of my fellow Youth Leaders Brothers today Im the Mayor of Sakriya Nagar Panchayat. I today sincerely thank Guruji and Art of Living who picked up a Road Side Hawker and Turned Him Into a King, Polished him(me) like a diamond I would like to tell the youth only one thing that if you get attached to a spiritual practice and attached to a Sadguru, you will definitely become a Real Star, like me who used to polish shoes on  the roadside have become the most influential man- the mayor in the very same city. I would request you all to join the art of living and with Guruji's Grace bring about a progress(change) in yourself, bring about a progress(change) in your family, progress(change) in your village(town/city), progress(change) in your state, bring about progress in the whole country
and in the whole world spread Guruji's message of "One World One Family".


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