Monday, January 25, 2010

English Transcript for YLTP Teacher Vilas Dhoke's Experience

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Jai Guru Dev
I am native from Akola, My name is Vilas Dhoke. I had a YLTP course in 2008 at a temlpe(Godess Annapuna temple) in a village near Akola. There is a nice story happen in that course. There is a lady in that village for which we were went her home two three times but her health was not good. When we told her to come in to YLTP her family member told that tomorrow will be the operation of her eyes in hospital. So we left to Akola because 13th was the reporting day. When that lady went to hospital , the doctor who held the operation was absent, so she decided to come in YLTP . After first day of sudarshan kriya that lady had some pain in her eyes but next day when she did second sudarshan kriya, something from her eyes came out and she went into sleep. After seven days when she went to hospital again for the operation. The Doctor said that"your eyes is normal. There is no need for the operation now. How did this miracle happen!!!!" She replied that this is the magic of sudarhan kriya. I have been suffering this pain from last 6 months and now its allright. Now 6 months has passed and that lady is alright and there is no operation requied till now. Her family had to spend 1.5lacs Rupees in the hospital which was saved and inturn saved her family from a financial crisis. This is all due to the blessings of Guruji.
Jai Guru Dev

Translated By Girijesh Kumar

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