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Transcript of Vijay Watkar Interview In English

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Jai gurudev !!
I am Vijay Watkar.
I am from district Akola, Malkapur.
Since 2004 i am working as a Yuvacharya.
Till now i have taken Navchetna Shibir(course) in many villages.
Out of these one of my experience is from a Village called WAI.
Wai comes in Taluka Acrot.
Over there is a man called Purshottam. Purshottam Kharade.
This experience is of his wife.
She had a severe back pain.
She even could not sit on floor and her expenses for operation was estimatted 50000.
When this lady came to my Navchetna Shibir she sat on chair for first day.
Second day again she sat on the chair.
But third day I asked her to Sit on floor,
But she replied "I cant sit on floor.
Even my all house work is done by my children and husband and you are asking me to sit down!. I cant sit on the floor". But still i insistead her to sit on the floor,and told her," you can sit, you sit on the floor".that boosted her confidence and slowly slowly she sat down. she is wife of Mr.Kharade of WAI and today her 50000Rs the expese of her operation is been saved. And today she is looking nicely after her household routine.

Another experince of mine is from a Navchetna Shibir in Omra, in Omra Village there is Mahulker family.
Mr.Mahulkar used to drink alot. When he came to the Shibir(course) on the first day he was drunk and he told me, "Your Art of Living cures the addictions of people,Even my habbit of drinking should go".
I replied," Why not! if Guruji wants it will be done, your addiction will go".
Even on second day he drank and came for Shibir.
And when he came on the third day just before i started the Shibir. He went to an alcohol shop and asked for a drink and as soon as he took the glass in his hand he could see this big worms in the glass.
He threw the glass over there only and came back to the course.
Its the experience of Mr.Maholker of Omer.
Also in near our village promotion of organic farming is going on apart from this we are also taking tree plantation projects in many small villages.

Jai gurudev!!!

Translated By Pranay Gangwal

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