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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar - Clare Agius Malta - Interview Dec 09 ..PART 4/4

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar - Clare Agius Malta - Interview Dec 09 ..PART 4

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Clare: It doesn't matter where it originates from as long as it is good to the human society.

Guruji: Correct, correct. We need to understand a little bit about all the religions of the world. That will make you strong, wise, broad minded and a loving person. Because when you read Bible, what Jesus said many things

were also said by Lord Krishna. There are many similarities with Lord Buddha's teachings as well. So one is to celebrate the diversities. Though every religon, every prophet and every pholosopher has contributed

something unique to the world. And the diversity needs to be celebrated and not taken as a source of conflict. Unfortunately today the conflict is because we cant tolerate diversity. That should be put to an end.

Clare: So spirituality surpasses religion.

Guruji: Correct.

Clare: How can I practise my religion and be spiritual at the same time?

Guruji: As I said to be a nice and good human being, to be compassionate, to be caring, to widen the scope of knowledge we need to have an experience. This is spirituality. Spirituality is having the inner stillness and

unconditional compassion and joy. This does not contradict our religion. It in fact supports your religion. You should follow your religion and enrich your religion by following spiritual practices because that brings more

energy in the system.

Clare: On another thing about Malta. Malta is an island. From ancient thimes it had a lot of feminine energy. It had goddess and even this devotion is today is transformed into our love for Virgin Mary. What would this

symbol of feminism this island represents mean to you?

Guruji: You know, from millions of years the civilisation had great respect for women, the goddess power. If you visit all the ancient cinilisations in the world everywhere there is a great respect for goddess. Earth herself is

considered as feminine energy. In the Hindu mythology, in the Hindu tradition, Earth is called the "Bhoodevi". The mother Earth is the host of all the species. She holds all of them in her lap. So feminine energy has found

great acceptance, respect in all the culture and civilisations. And it doesn't surprise me that feminine energy is worshipped as Mother Mary. It is quite natural that makes people more beautiful.

Clare: What would you say the feminine role in this world, the female role in this world be in today's age?

Guruji: I think the women should take more active role in all the fields. They should never feel that they are being suppressed. I  know in many countries they don't enjoy equal status. We have been holding International

women's conferences every 2 years and women from all over the world come and participate in that and they share. I have created a forum for that. In fact I shouldn't sasy that I have created. They have created for

themselves. Of course I have encouraged them to do so. And the rural women and the urban women come together. They discuss their problems and see how they can move forward in their life. I feel that more and more

work must be done to empower women.

Clare: What do you say that women can contribute that perhaps male cannot in a society, in a family or perhaps in the world?

Guruji:Well, don't put me into trouble. (laughs) It is not man versus woman. Woman has a un ique place in the world which man cannot replace obviously. And man has certain unique responsibility which woman cant replace

either. So everybody is unique in their own way, in their own contribution. And in India we say that a man and a woman are the two sides of the body. Woman is considered the left and the man the right of a human

physiology. Because every human being is made of both mother and father, both man and woman. So now what is that woman can do in this world? She should take more prominent role in business, in politics also in

spirituality, social entrepreneurships. All these roles are waiting and inviting women to come and join.

Clare: What wil the families nuclear suffer if the women....

Guruji: This we will have to manage. They have to see that the family structure is not disturbed where she is being a part of the bigger family of a nation or society. Taking leadership doesn't mean you have to sacrifice one.

They can do both. They can manage.

Clare: That's a lof of responsibility on the women. I understand. One of the few final questions. One of which I always wanted to ask...can any one be wise? how is wisdom acquired?

Guruji: Wisdom comes to you through experience and integration of knowledge with life and by experience. The third option only I think is the gift of God. It just comes to you as a gift of God. You haven't done anything for


Clare: But you have to be open to it.

Guruji: Correct.

Clare: And one final question. We are starting the year 2010 and this is another fresh year for everybody and the whole world seems to be looking forward to it becoming a better place. What message would you have and

what role will you be executing this year?

Guruji: I wish everyone a very happy new year 2010. I know 2009 had been a financial roller coaster over the world, swine flu and other problems were there in the world. This year lets hope would bring more prosperity,

less conflict or no colflict. I would love to bring people together, the hearts and minds together to protect the environment. I wish all the people of Malta and all the world a very very happy new year. May God Bless.

Transcribed By Lakshmi Ravishankar

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