Friday, February 5, 2010



How do we build a new life in Haiti? How do we heal the entire population's trauma? How we we feed the millions of people? How do we repair a land that was already, ravaged by the deforestation. How do we ensure that Haiti will not for ever depend on foreign aid? We empower nation to do it. We empower Haitians to heal their own people, to revive their own land, to build their own future. As one world family we create a power of a nation. Since October 2007 the International Association for Human Values (IAHV) has developed 350 youth leaders in 5 cities. IAHV has 27 years of experience in over 40 countries developing youth leaders with tools to handle their own stress and take personal responsibilities for their communities. In light of the January 12th earthquake we are taking it to the next level. "Most Haitians have hidden talents. They don't develop their talents because they think they are inferior. But it is not true at all. One should develop the qualities of the self. One should work." Over the course of 6 months we are training a youth corp of 50 Haitians, young adults who will serve Haiti for 2 years. The youth corp will be trained to heal their own communities of trauma. They will be trained to develop sustainable systems to provide food, water, sanitation and safe buildings for their communities. "There is a lot of stress. Now with this program it helps people let go of stress to relax. Here in Haiti peope are discouraged. We bring the energy that people can have confidence in themselves. For me in teaching others this program we are Haitians first. In the past, I thought that it is from the outside that things are going to come. From the program we learnt that it is Haitians that are going to change Haiti. We are working to change things." The youth corp would become instructors of IAHV"s trauma relief program. After the training each youth corp member woule provide trauma relief to 100 people per week totalling 500,000 for the entire youth corp after 2 years. The youth corp would teach in implementing sustainable systems for food, water, security, sanitation and safe building constructions. They wull be trained and mentored by experts from aroudn Haiti and around the world. After the training they will travel to IDP camps and villages teaching as they develop. " I work helping street children, helping people who don't have means to succeed in life. That's my biggest passion. I feel totally proud when the kids say, "Jackson, how are you?" I'm good.That's my biggest pride."
Support and Nouvelle Vie Youth Corps, Support and new life for Haiti.

Transcribed By Lakshmi Ravishankar

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