Monday, February 1, 2010

Senior Art of Living Faculty Vinod Kumar Menon's Direct to Heart Points Part 1 & 2

Senior Art of Living Faculty Vinod Kumar Menon's Direct to Heart Points
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Part 1

Part 2

Part 1
Over a period of time as we mature we start probing and wondering in the next level where do I need to graduate to what is further than where Iam today. Ourselves leads to a word called 'Spirit" and the science and understanding and the sdudy of spirit is called spirituality. As and when we start indulging in an activity it could leave impressions and the impressions will further drive us to indulge in the same thing repeatedly to such a point that it becomes an addiction, a pattern of behaviour or habit. Now we need relaxation from such habits and patterns and addictions. We need to cut off and learn to shut off and meditation is one tool to be able to do that. That's why a Guru is essential.It is very important to learn things in a formal, bonafide format with the prescribed syllabus and curricullum and the Guru has this kind of methodology of imparting the techniques of self development. The ability in problem solving in human relationship for me is a very important part of success. Now how to do that and the interesting part is that is where I need to have a spiritual referral, self referral with immense stamina to apply my mind to the process of relating to a conflict, empathizing with the conflict. And as such I need some key how to get connected to my self referral and that is where the Guru can give me those keys. He can guide you through where you are in your own level in your pursuit of your spiritual progress. Important point is that you must have a Guru.

Part 2

The senses by which we live, our sight, our touch, our sense of hearing, taste and smell are all limited. Because of such erroneous understanding and perceptions our perspectives becomes limited and thereby we experience pain, indulgences in activities of our daily routine. Now we need a dimension to keep resourcing fuel, to keep energising us. And we need a solution, we need a boost of enthusiasm, energy, creativity, innovation. Now where do we get this from? We need to connect, connect to the source of enthusiasm, source of energy and then we need a tool to make this transition and that I call the smart power. That is Yoga, Pranayama, Breathing techniques, Meditation techniques, understanding the scritures. So this is what we are looking at spirituality. And this is possible. A spiritual pursuit is only progress. There is no regression at all.

Transcribed By Lakshmi Ravishankar

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  1. i really enjoyed reading this and it helps a person like me as i used to give sort kriya and after tat a knowledge session will be there.


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